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"My moving time was cut in half, even with a new husband and his things. The EaseUrMove Kit helped organize us and lower our stress!" --Amy, Chicago,IL

"I was never moved so quickly. I was moved out of one home and into a new home in less than 4 hours. I have moved over 15 times and with the use of the EaseUrMove Kit, this was my best move yet!" --Joan, LaGrange, IL

"If I would have used thie EaseUrMove kit, I would have saved over $800 - because I forgot to change my license registration and was fined $800!" --Brenda, Phoenix, AZ

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EaseUrMove Color Coded Moving Labels Kit and Accessories
The EaseUrMove Kit is the first moving organization system that eases the stress of moving by saving time and money. The kit has moving tips, hints, & to do's, plus 216 color-coded labels with an inventory system to track your boxes on moving day.

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