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For Sale by Owner -- The "Ease Your Move" Kit by Easy Moving Inc.

Is your home “for sale by owner”? Then you are someone who is thinking of moving.  You probably want to save time and money and get your home sold quickly.

We feel we have a product to help – “ the EaseUrMove Kit”.

The EaseUrMove Kit offers people a way to take stress out of moving.  Anyone considering move is already starting to stress out -- perhaps more so if you are selling "for sale by owner."  Those facing a move are left with little choice but searching on their own among a dizzying number of unrelated sources, trying to decide how to label and store boxes, organize the move and deal with realtors, banks, and moving companies. People struggle to contain their anxiety and often need to secure the name of a good chiropractor to help recover.   In fact, moving is considered a major life event, right up there with marriage and having a baby.

We have known so many of these stressed-out individuals over the years, and our product is the answer to your desperate calls for help. In the EaseUrMove Kit, we have combined all the tools necessary for a successful move into a package that is easy to use, very practical and sure to minimize stress. We even like to say our product can (are you sitting down?) make moving FUN!

For someone listing their home “for sale by owner’, you are looking to get the most for your money.  The EaseUrMove Kit can save you hundreds of dollars in mover’s time, since you will be so organized.  It can also save you time and reduce your stress.  Time is a precious thing and we know that the EaseUrMove Kit can save you hours off your next move.  The “EaseUrMove Kit” provides you with:

  • Valuable and proven Tips on how to save time and money during the move “Move Easers”
  • Packing Tips to show you how to pack efficiently “Packing Pleasers”
  • Moving To Do’s which guide the user through five weeks leading up to the Day after the Move  with reminders of the tasks that must be completed in order to have a organized move.  Many people actually carry the kit around with them during that time before the move to make sure they do not forget to do anything.
  • 216 Color-coded Room Labels for boxes, which include an icon and name of each room, to help identify their placement in the family’s new home.  The labels are also in Spanish.  There is also a place to number each label to correspond to the “Inventory of Possessions”
  • An easy-to-use Inventory of Possessions to effortlessly record the contents of each box and organize packing.  No more wondering what box to unpack first, no more prying eyes being able to see what is in each box and no more wondering if you really received all of the boxes that you packed on the other end.
  • Prescription-free stress reduction!

When you are listing your home “for sale by owner”, you need help organzing your home so you can show it.  With the EaseUrMove Kit, you can pack up the items you do not need in the next couple months and with the handy inventory system, you can write down what is in each box and if you might need any items, you will know exactly where they are.  This will reduce your stress and also allow you home to be clutter free when you are showing it to potential buyers.

We are professionals with a passion for providing products that improve people’s lives and will apply that same dedication to you, someone who is listing their home, “for sale by owner”. To put it simply, we care about our customers and, therefore, we care about you.



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