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"My moving time was cut in half, even with a new husband and his things. The EaseUrMove Kit helped organize us and lower our stress!" --Amy, Chicago,IL

"I was never moved so quickly. I was moved out of one home and into a new home in less than 4 hours. I have moved over 15 times and with the use of the EaseUrMove Kit, this was my best move yet!" --Joan, LaGrange, IL

"If I would have used the EaseUrMove kit, I would have saved over $800 - because I forgot to change my license registration and was fined $800!" --Brenda, Phoenix, AZ

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Real Estate Marketing...
Simplify Your Client's Move with the EaseUrMove Kit.

It's the First Moving Organization System!

Effective Real Estate Marketing from EaseUrMove

Real estate is a tough business. When it comes to effective real estate marketing, realtors have many choices for gifts. The dilemma is, most of those choices-from refrigerator magnets to flower arrangements-don't have a thing to do with the business at hand. No longer!

Introducing the EaseUrMove Kit, a smart little system that eases the stress of moving…and even makes the process a little bit fun.

Developed by Easy Moving, Inc, the kit offers page after page of essential tips, hints, and To Do's, plus 216 labels that make packing efficient and manageable. It boils the complexities of moving down into a simple, three-step process: plan it, pack it, move it.

Rather than pack this gift away, your clients will keep it close by their sides-and, as result, stay cool, calm and organized during the hectic weeks that lead up to moving day. Good real estate marketing provides value to clients and that, in turn, will help you generate referrals from satisfied customers.

The colorful workbook contains 72 must-do To Do's that cover everything from notifying the cable company…to transferring school records…to draining fuel from the lawnmower. And because lost belongings are every homeowner's nightmare, the kit features a foolproof inventory system, with pictorial, color-coded labels for every room of the house written in both English and Spanish. There are even special labels for kids!

No more "What-Do-I-Unpack-First?" panic attacks either. The kit contains nifty inventory sheets, so the homeowners can quickly jot down the contents of each box. In addition, the EaseUrMove Kit includes thoughtful tips (like a suggested "Moving Day Survival Kit"), space for personal notes-even amusing "moving trivia" to break that pre-move tension, offered by whimsical cartoon guide Marti the Mover.

What a great real estate marketing gift to present clients when the contract is signed! Not only will they be, ah, moved, they'll be calmer, happier people as the big day approaches…and that has untold benefits for realtors and their real estate firms, too. Quantity discounts are available. Please call us for pricing.

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