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"My moving time was cut in half, even with a new husband and his things. The EaseUrMove Kit helped organize us and lower our stress!" --Amy, Chicago,IL

"I was never moved so quickly. I was moved out of one home and into a new home in less than 4 hours. I have moved over 15 times and with the use of the EaseUrMove Kit, this was my best move yet!" --Joan, LaGrange, IL

"If I would have used thie EaseUrMove kit, I would have saved over $800 - because I forgot to change my license registration and was fined $800!" --Brenda, Phoenix, AZ

EaseUrMove Kit User Survey

1. How did you find out about the EaseUrMove Kit?
Reference from a friend or associate
Internet Search for products like this
Store Display
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2. Overall, would you say that the EaseUrMove Kit accomplished your goals making your move more organized and efficient saving you time and money?
Yes No Somewhat
3. Did you find that your stress level lowered from the use of the EaseUrMove Kit?
Yes No Somewhat
4. Was the EaseUrMove Kit easy to follow and use?
Yes No Somewhat
5. Did you find that the EaseUrMove Kit provided ample resources?
Yes No Somewhat
6. Would you recommend the EaseUrMove Kit to others that you knew were going to be moving?
Yes No Somewhat
7. What did you like most about the EaseUrMove Kit?
8. What, if anything, did you not like about the Kit or would you like to see in the kit?
9. Finally how would you rate your overall satisfaction with the EaseUrMove Kit?
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Very Dissatisfied No Opinion


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