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"My moving time was cut in half, even with a new husband and his things. The EaseUrMove Kit helped organize us and lower our stress!" --Amy, Chicago,IL

"I was never moved so quickly. I was moved out of one home and into a new home in less than 4 hours. I have moved over 15 times and with the use of the EaseUrMove Kit, this was my best move yet!" --Joan, LaGrange, IL

"If I would have used thie EaseUrMove kit, I would have saved over $800 - because I forgot to change my license registration and was fined $800!" --Brenda, Phoenix, AZ

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The Story Behind the Kit
Easy Moving, Inc.

10 moves in 10 years. It's enough to make even anyone's head spin. But, that was our dubious distinction in the Fall of 2002 as we prepared to begin yet another move to another home in another community.

We are not transients, nor are we crazy, as many of our friends have subtly suggested. We are clear-headed professionals whose careers and relationships have led us to live in various places for a short period of time. Through the madness of planning our moves, packing the boxes, supervising the movers and managing our stress, we thought there must be an easier way to move.

Our typical moving experience began with a twinge of anxiety as we wondered who could help us move. Nerves frayed and tensions ran high as we struggled to find boxes and get them packed in some logical way while fighting off the nagging fear that we were forgetting something important. Sure enough, the big day arrived and our stress reached an all time high. There was that thought again: "There must be an easier way to move."

Inspiration had struck. Knowing that we had to move again in 6 or 7 months, we lay exhausted in our temporary new home. We then laid out a plan for a new tool that would combine all the elements necessary for a low-stress, well organized move. Thus, Easy Moving, Inc. and the EaseUrMove Kit were born!

We are convinced that a well-organized move can actually be a happy and exciting experience. That's the theme through the kit's colorful pages. In fact, a fun-loving friend of ours, animated mascot Marti the Mover, will be with you every step of the way, offering suggestions and instructions with a smile and helping you keep it all in perspective.

We hope you'll try the EaseUrMove Kit and experience the same peace of mind and confidence that we have found. As you prepare to face your upcoming move, remember that we've been there and, yes, THERE IS A BETTER WAY! Let us show you how.

Easy Moving, Inc. is a Chicago-based company founded in 2003 with the goal of creating products that improve people's lives

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